mercredi 28 mars 2007

Here's the programme for the london trip:

On Sunday, April 22nd:

We'll meet in the school playground at 7.30 P.M. Make sure you have dined before, and have a packed lunch prepared in your luggage for the next day's lunch.

The coach will leave at 8 P.M.

Make also sure you have taken your travel sickness pills beforehand, some pills must be taken several hours before the trip.

No food and no drinks (except water) are allowed inside the coach.

We'll spend the night in the coach.

On Monday, April 23rd:

We'll arrive at Calais at about 8 A.M, and we'll have breakfast there, in a McDonald's restaurant.

At 10, we'll embark on the ferry and start crossing the Channel. We have to check in one hour before, at 9.

Anna's comment: "Oh dear, I'm going to throw up in the ferry!".
(Remember to take your pills!)

We'll arrive at Dover at 10.15 A.M. The journey should last one hour and 15 minutes and we'll have to put our watches back one hour.

Then we'll get back onto the coach and head for London.

We'll cross the county of Kent and we'll stop at Leeds castle, which is our first visit.

The visit will last about one hour, and we'll have a picnic somewhere in the vicinity of the castle.

After that, we'll go straight to London, it will take us about one hour. We'll go to Covent Garden in Central London.

At 6.30, we'll meet the host families in Kingston upon Thames, about half an hour outside London.

we'll have dinner, offer the host families a present if we have one, chat a little with them...

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