lundi 16 avril 2007

Leeds Castle

Here are some interesting links to websites about Leeds castle. Take some time to peruse them, then do the quizzes.

Work in pairs, you will not be evaluated on the quizzes this time.

There will be other quizzes regarding the other attractions we're going to visit during our trip.

Once we have gone through all of them, we'll devote one hour- probably when we come back from the trip- to do the quizzes again, only this time you will be evaluated and you will not have access to the websites.

So try and make the most out of these training sessions.

OK, back to Leeds castle : Take a look at the following websites:

Leeds castle 1

Leeds castle 2

Leeds castle 3

Then click on the following links and do the quizzes related to the information you've just read:

Quiz 1

Quiz 2

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