mercredi 9 mai 2007

Eton College [Charlotte Mélissa]

Eton college is a college which we visited on tuesday the 24th of april. We arrived first in the playground of Eton, in front of a statue of the king
Henry VI. A guide explained us the history of the college:
  • The college was founded in 1440 by KIng Henry VI
  • There are 1300 boys between the ages of 13 and 18.

After, we went outside to see the differents buildings. There is one building for each school subject. The boys can choose differents options. All the boys were in uniform.

Then, we went in a school class. It is the older classroom of the world. There are drawings, writings on the tables because before, the pupils could use knives. There are a lot of tables in wood.

Then, we entered the chapel. The history of the chapel is explained below.

This is a part of the group in the oldest class in the world.


King Henry attached a great importance to religion so he built a cathedral in the college. They replaced all of the windows because a bomb of World war II exploded on them. As well as old paintings which were found on the walls had been covered with white.


After the preceding visits, we entered a room. There was a movie about the story and the topicality of Eton. This movie explained in particular which activities the Etonian practised. So, they played soccer, rugby, hockey, cricket, rowing, athletics, squash. There are less familiars sports like rackets and fives. There are sports which are played only in Eton college: wall and field games.

Our impressions:

Mélissa: I think it was interesting but I didn't understand all of the things the guide said. I liked the neighbourhood too, it was fine to have our first free time even if the shops weren't very nice.
Charlotte: The things that the guide said weren't very interesting. Like Mélissa, I think the shops outside weren't very great. I didn't like this visit very much, but of course it was good to have a free time in Windsor.

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