mercredi 9 mai 2007

Leeds castle

The castle of Leeds was built in 1119 per Robert of Crevecoeur to replace the Saxon manor of Esledes. Later , in 1278, the castle became the royal palace of Edward I of England and Eléonor of Castille.

Approximately 43 years old after Edward II besieged the castle later that its queen was not allowed there. Leeds castle has escaped with its destrcution during the English civil war, at that time its owner were the Culpeper family. Is last resident was Mrs Baillit who had bought it in 1926, it will redecored it with Stephan Boudin of Paris thus founded the base of Leeds castle. 50 years after, in 1976 the castle is was opened with the public. July 17, 1978, it was amplacement of a meeting between Egyptian president Mr Sadat and the Minister for the foreign businesses of Israel, Mr. Dayan.

The characteristics of this castle are the black swans, a gift given by Winston Churchill which sent them there to live as well, the white peacocks and the gardens with several lakes.
The castle has a birdcage, a labyrinth, a cave, a ground of golf and possesses the only museum of collars of dogs.

Sonia, Laure et Camille

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