mercredi 16 mai 2007

st paul's cathedral

On wednesday april 25th we went to st paul's cathedral.

As soon as we arrived we took a lot of photos because it's very beautiful and very impressive !

Then we went inside for a visit of one hour and a half.

It was a free visit.

In the choir there was a mass and with the top the famous dome.

It was decorated with gold like the rest of the cathedral.

In the basements there were the crypt and shops, restaurants...and toilets!!!

In the crypt there were a lot a tomb of famous personality for example the tomb of Horatio Nelson...

There are some chapels on the first floor of the cathedral and a memorial for the Americans.

After that we climbed in the dome.

The stairs was very exhausting !
But the sight was very beautiful!

Higher, there was the stone gallery.

And still higher, there is the gold gallery !

There is a fantastic sight of London!

We loved this visit, it was super!!!

Emma, Gwennaëlle, Lisa, Diane, Manon

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