mercredi 9 mai 2007

The great fire of London

It's began the night of September 2, in 1666. It's started at Pudding Lane, in the bakeshop of Thomas Farynor,baker to King Charles II. It lasted 5 days. It destroyed 1/3 of London, and 13.200 people were homeless. The rebuilding lasted more than 10 years. Only 6 people died.
Unfortunately, in the museum, a lots of galleries were closed.
After visiting the museum, we went to St Paul's Cathedral.

Marine's opinion : I didn't like this day because it was very boring.
Laura's opinion : It wasn't very interesting, I would have prefered to stay seated.
Timothé's opinion : I didn't like the visit, I stayed seated but I liked St Paul's Cathedral !
Noëllie's opinion : It wasn't very interesting but I liked St Paul's Cathedral.

Timothé, Laura, Marine, Noellie.

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